Jul 282011

I don’t know if anyone at all actually visits this site, or has it in a feed reader or anything, but the slate has been wiped clean. I’m completely starting over. I had well over 4 years of posts on this site, that were for the most part pointless and unimportant. They’re gone for good.

I can’t say that I’m actually going to post more. I’m not making any promises. Not to myself or anyone else.

I want to believe that my life is actually interesting enough to write about, but I don’t really think that it is. While I consider my opinions to be superior to that of just about anyone else, I’m under no illusion that anyone else really gives a shit what I think.

This will be used mainly to document, for my own purposes, what interests me at the current moment. Everyone else is more than welcome to come and share in my celebration of all things strange, geeky,  and awesome. Discussion is more than welcome.

Right now, I do ask  that if anyone is actually out there reading this, post a comment so I know you’re there. I use no tracking software or anything, so comments are really the only way I know if anyone is there or cares, or whether I really am the only member of my own audience.

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