Jan 202012

I’m really not sure why I even have a blog anymore. I don’t really post. I hate the idea of giving up the URL, because attackofhubris.net is so awesome, and the hosting is very inexpensive. I also really like messing around with wordpress.

I guess I just really have a hard time finding the motivation to write anything, especially because I suspect that my wife might be the only person who reads my blog, and I think she only does that when I tell her that I’ve posted. And really, if it’s just her, I can just talk to her about whatever is on my mind.  We still do that from time to time.

Hell, as much as I think twitter is an awesome thing, I hardly ever actually keep track of what’s going on on there. It’s gotten incredibly unwieldy for me. A couple have told me that I need to start using lists, but that kind of feels like it’s defeating the purpose for me . I never use the website, all my twittering is done exclusively on my phone in an app. It’s set to update every 15 minutes or so, but I usually only check it a couple of times a day, and just click the jump to top button.

I think it all comes down to the fact that, as smart as I think I am, and as much as I think my opinion is pretty much always right, I haven’t been able to make the leap to thinking that anyone actually gives a shit what I say. Also, despite the fact that I am all over the damn internet, I’m pretty much a loner, and a solitary and private person. If it wasn’t for the fact that I somehow managed to trick a very unlucky woman into marrying me, it’s very unlikely I would have any human interaction outside of work and occasionally hanging out with my friend Tim.

Also, I’m pretty sure I have a pretty bad case of sleep apnea, because I’m always tired.   Maybe I would feel more motivated about anything really if I didn’t constantly feel run down.  I’m sure losing weight would help that as well, but I’m about as motivated about that as I am blogging.  We are eating a lot better though, and that’s made me feel a little bit better.


  5 Responses to “On blogging and other subjects”

  1. FYI – you didn’t tell me you blogged 😛 (But it did pop up in my facebook feed). Believe it or not, I do check your site from time to time to see what’s going on.

    I told you to call the damned doctor about the sleep apnea thing. So, do it. I said so.

    And I’m not that unlucky. Well….only when you snore so loud that I can’t sleep. I reiterate – call the damned doctor!

  2. Buttface

  3. You’re in my reader. Ha ha. I read the stuff when it posts. 😉

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