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WDW Epcot Center – A liberal, godless World

I visited Epcot Center a few weeks ago and was devastated at what it has become. A liberal indoctrination camp for children – all for $100 per person! It starts with Spaceship Earth that is a history of communication but the thread missing – GOD! – spoke so loudly in His absence it was breathtaking. Not a hint of God. Nowhere. Then we moved to “Circle of Life – An Environmental Fable.” This was Global Warming 101 Fright Night for the kiddies as told conveniently by Simba the Lion to his cartoon idiots (mankind). Simba was Al Gore. This film was frightening for the kids at some point when hurricanes, flood and fires were ending the earth because of THEIR greedy actions. And this is an “amusement park”? The young ones will have nightmares from this “amusement.” Then we move onto Ellen’s Energy Adventure. In this “exhibit” we happen to have the world’s most recognizable and sympathetic homosexual along with BILL NYE the world’s most recognized atheist taking us through the history and future of energy. Both are interesting figures but why pick them for this exhibit in WDW? Also Bill Nye The Atheist Guy designed other “attractions” for the kids at WDW. Did Billy Graham design any here at the park? Uh, Walt is long dead and this company was a goner long ago.

You have to ask WHY to all this liberalism run amuck? Sadly, this is FOR THE CHILDREN. These messages are delivered from their most loved cartoon characters an insidious liberal tactic these days. We need to take this park BACK from the liberal zealots running the company. Until then STAY AWAY from this with any children. But if you DO go, watch out that you don’t go on Gay Week (yes, Walt has one).

This may be the funniest thing I’ve ever read.