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My Current Linux adventure.

I’ve been a Linux user on and off (mostly in a dual boot scenario) for 20 years now. The bulk of that time has been spent running Debian based distributions, such as various Ubuntu flavors, Mepis, Mint and elementaryOS, although I started out on rpm based systems.

My first foray into the Linux world was a distribution called Winlinux 2000, than ran inside of a Windows partition. It was the easiest way at the time to jump into Linux. I was in college at the time, and kept having issues with with Windows98 on my computer. I still had to keep Windows around to write papers and such, but that was the only time I wasn’t in Linux. I could do everything else I needed at the time, which was basically web surfing, IM, and IRC chat.

My next foray was an actual boxed retail copy of Mandrake Linux, bought at, of all places, Walmart. I ran that particular version of Mandrake for quite a while, and then started switching back and forth between various RPM based distros, including Red Hat, PCLinuxOS and SUSE.

My move to Debian based distros started with Mepis somewhere around 2004. Mepis took, what I considered to be, the slightly more difficult to set up Debian, and made it must more end user friendly. Shortly after Mepis came out, Ubuntu was also released. So, for the last 15 or so years, I’ve moved back and forth between various Debian based distros, including many Ubuntu varieties and derivatives. I ran vanilla Ubuntu for a long time, until they moved off of gnome and went to Unity, which I never liked. I moved over to Xubuntu for quite a while, as I’ve long been a fan of xfce. I also dabbled in lubuntu (and LXLE for even longer) for a spell.

In 2012, the elementaryOS team released version 0.2 Luna, and I fell in love with the interface and look. I’ve swapped back and forth between LXLE and elementaryOS, and later Ubuntu Budgie, pretty consistently since then, always trying out new releases of other distros now and then, but usually going back to elementaryOS of Ubuntu Budgie, until January of this year.

Being a fan of Budgie, I decided to try Solus, where Budgie originated, for the first time just recently. I’ve been running it for a couple of weeks now, and I can honestly say I don’t see myself running anything else for a long time. It’s the first time in a long time that I’m not using a Debian based distro, but a distro that uses eopkg, it’s own fork of PiSi, which is very different.

In typical fashion, there is a good chance I’ll be running something different in six months, but for right now, I’m very happy with Solus, and think I will be for quite a while.

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Random Thoughts

    • I’m totally ok with Peter Jackson turning The Hobbit into a trilogy. There is so much content from Tolkien outside of the book, that a trilogy should not be a problem.  It may end up being a total debacle, but he did such a great job on Lord of the Rings, that I’m more than willing to give him a chance. Plus he made Dead Alive / Braindead, and that’s worthy of a free pass right there.
    • I still don’t care about the Olympics. Sorry.
    • I’m really liking Spotify. It’s quite awesome to have that much music available on demand.
    • I ended up having to buy a new computer. Somehow the screen on my netbook got smashed on our way to Florida. Andrea thinks it was her fault, but it could have been mine as well, because I’m the one who packed the car. I’ve been using a netbook as my primary computer for years, and I really like the form factor. They’re underpowered for a lot of people, but for what I do with it, it works perfectly fine. This is the model I ended up getting. It’s powerful enough to run a few games that I like (Find out here which ones), and do everything else I need it to do.
    • We went to the drive-in Friday night. We saw The Watch and Ted. Both were great. Ted was exactly what I expected it to be, but The Watch was totally not. I was expecting a typical Ben Stiller type comedy, but it was actually a pretty good Sci-Fi movie. The advertising completely doesn’t acknowledge that.
    • My work picnic was at Kennywood Saturday. We didn’t even get there until the dinner started at 4, and left about 9. I think that’s the shortest day I’ve ever had at Kennywood, but the tickets were free, and being at Disney a couple of weeks ago makes Kennywood seem awfully lame.
    • Speaking of Disney, I really wish I was still there. Best. Vacation. Ever. 
    • We’ve kicked up our rush nutrition diet again starting this week. We ate pretty much anything we wanted while we were at Disney, and we both put some weight back on, so we’re working on getting it back off. I think we both really need to exercise more as well, but we have a really really hard time with that. We pretty much lack the motivation.
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365 Project

Andrea and I are both participating in the 365 project this year. The goal is to post a new picture every day for a year. So far I mostly have cat pictures. Our girls have enough personality though, so that’s OK.