Twitter Updates for 2012-01-02

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Some fairly awesome things happened in 2011.

In January, I got a new job that I love. I’m still there and it’s still awesome.

I got to see the Descendents twice (once while standing on the side of the stage), ScottALL twice, ChadALL once and even DaveALL, The Pavers, and Down By Law.

I got to visit Philadelphia and Chicago, both for the first time. I didn’t get to spend too much time in Philly, but we spent a very long weekend in Chicago, and it’s probably my new favorite place on the planet. While in Chicago I got to hang out with some very cool people who I don’t see very often. That was almost better than all the great bands we got to see.

Photo Gallery Changes

I don’t know if anyone ever actually looks at my photo gallery, but I’m currently working on a migration from Coppermine to Gallery3. The new address will eventually be instead of . I’ll probably keep the old one up for a while, but eventually it will go away.
The subdomain will start pointing to the new gallery shortly.