Twitter Updates for 2012-03-10

  • @IAmJericho Great movie. Sometimes I think I like the sequels better than the original. #
  • @NekoCase I like both of those things. #
  • Doing laptop swaps at a sales meeting today. It's always nice to get out of the office #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 @baronetess Logged into my photobucket for the first time in years, and came across this. #
  • @baronetess @AiXeLsyD13 According to the photo info, that was August of 2006. It feels like it was much longer ago than that. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 @baronetess It feels like a completely different lifetime. I don't do any of the cool stuff I used to do back then anymore. #
  • @baronetess @AiXeLsyD13 True. I need to come down to the city for a show though. It's a long time since I have. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 @baronetess @JJRoss37 @negative13 @RealMikeHype I'm only coming if I can stand around awkwardly in Eric's basement. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 @baronetess @JJRoss37 @negative13 @RealMikeHype Seriously, though. I would venture out of my hermit cave for this. #
  • I'm at Sheetz (Connellsville, PA) #

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