Twitter Updates for 2012-04-17

  • @Nicci_BardMUSE Hah. That's awesome. I could sit here and stare at that for days. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 My plan is to use this one to learn to play, then eventually upgrade to a good concert uke. #
  • @Nicci_BardMUSE Definitely. That's what makes it so awesome, though. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 Luckily, that's one thing I don't have to worry about. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 That one is nice. This is the one that I want: #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 Same here. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 My problem is with chords that have multiple strings on same fret. My stiff fat fingers don't really bend quite right for that. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 Yeah, that's what I've been doing too. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 Hah. True. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 I'll have to check those out. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 I have this idea in my head to start recording music with the odd instruments I have floating around. #
  • @pghsciencenerd @onefootnthgrave Are we on for Saturday in Snewton? I forgot all about the Mountain show until today. #
  • @pghsciencenerd @onefootnthgrave It was this past Saturday. 🙁 #
  • @pghsciencenerd @onefootnthgrave Me too. I think A is coming this time. #
  • @onefootnthgrave fuckin' A #
  • @shaunlawson13 I just checked that out on Spotify. That's pretty damn awesome. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 I have the uke, two Hohner melodicas, a Magnus chord organ, and a 80ish year old flute, that is made of wood like a clarinet. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 I know. I have an old Hohner Soprano and an old Hohner Piano 26. #
  • @AiXeLsyD13 Something like that is the plan. I'll probably use Garageband for drums, unless I just hit a bucket with a hammer. #
  • @jwr341 He sure is. Best twitter account ever. #
  • I'm at Geary Veterinary (Lemont Furnace, PA) #
  • I just unlocked the “4sqDay 2012” badge on @foursquare! Cupcakes and crowns for all! #4sqDay #

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