One year

What a crazy year it’s been. February 9th, 2013 at 2:43pm, our son Justin was born eight weeks premature in an emergency c-section.He was two and half pounds, and we were incredibly worried. He’s kicking all sorts of ass now. It’s so hard to believe that the baby who started out looking like this:20130209_144825

Now looks like this:

In the same year, I lost my job, spent 11 months as a stay at home dad, then got a new job that I really like, though not as much as being a stay at home dad or go hunting with my best hunting binoculars.

On June 7th, I went to see FLAG at Stage AE in Pittsburgh. It was an awesome show, but I managed to get myself kicked in the head by a crowd surfer which broke my glasses.981683_10150334135589969_1223062228_o
That’s pretty damn punk rock, if you ask me.

In October, we took Justin to see a giant duck and got for him one of the best infant car seats for the trip.
Then we dressed him as a monkey for Halloween. He was not amused.

Sometime in the end of summer, early fall, Justin head-butted me in the chest. Whenever he did that, I felt a lump. After running through a battery of tests, it was determined to be a tumor on one of my ribs, and it was recommended that I get it taken out. I was fully on board with this, due to me being BRCA+. In early December, I had that surgery. Everything came back negative for cancer. 1453304_10150384565939969_1915007492_n

Right before Christmas, we took a short vacation to Hilton Head and went camping two days in a row, we had the best camper accessories. We stayed at the Disney resort there, and it was beautiful.
Justin had his first Christmas.
In January, as a Christmas present, Andrea and I went to the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh. We paid a little extra to get great seats, but when we got there, there was an issue with our tickets, and they sent us to the box office. It turns out that they built a stage where our seats were supposed to be, so they upgraded us to very expensive floor seats, they also decided to do an study with carpet vs rug and at the end the floors also got replaced. It made an awesome night even more awesome.

And Justin had his First Birthday party on February 8th.

It’s definitely been a crazy year, but an awesome one as well.