A political blog for John to post.

As an American, I am deeply distressed by the current state of our nation. These are some things that I believe should be implemented to correct some of our issues.

  • Extensive campaign finance reform. Overturn Citizens United vs FEC, including a total ban on corporate donations, and going to fully publicly funded elections.
  • Medicare for all or some other single-payer health plan. The government, including congresspeople and the president, would also be on this plan.
  • Universal basic income up to the poverty level for all citizens.
  • An incredibly progressive, no-loophole income tax.
  • Remove tax-exempt status for churches that cannot prove that they do not involve themselves in politics
  • Nationwide redistricting by a non-partisan group and a complete ban on gerrymandering. This will be done every ten years after the census.
  • A total ban on lobbying
  • Legislative term limits
  • Full election reform, including debate reform, ranked-choice voting, the elimination of the electoral college, automatic voter registration for all citizens, and making election day a federal holiday.
  • Reparations for slavery
  • Extensive civil rights and anti-discrimination reform.
  • Public utility reform
  • Cut the defense budget in half, allocating those funds for healthcare and education
  • Free state college for all citizens
  • Extensive policing reform, which includes moving funding to mental health services, drug treatment programs, social work, affordable housing, and drug and sex work decriminalization.
  • Funding for public transportation including a large investment in nationwide high-speed rail and infrastructure repair.
  • removal of the filibuster
  • encourage the development of more political parties
  • complete dismantling of the private prison system
  • eliminate so-called “right to work” laws
  • raise the minimum wage to a living wage

Obviously, these are just a start, but I feel that these would help things a lot.

I’ll update this post as I think about new things.