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I’ve been thinking of something to write an actual post about for a while, and I’ve been thinking and posting on Twitter about politics a lot lately, so I figured that would be my best bet. My politics have taken a pretty major turn in the last decade or so. I was a fairly staunch libertarian for a long time, but I came to see where I was misguided in those views. I’ve always been socially liberal, but I was fiscally conservative for a long time. I’ve realized that fiscal conservatism basically doesn’t really exist anymore, and I’ve come to believe that governments job is to do good for it’s people, not to do nothing.   So this is mostly going to be bullet pointed, and it may be updated from time to time. It also will be all over the place.


  • Universal healthcare is a must. For profit healthcare should be non-existent, and this would also eliminate the issue we have around here, which is major hospital systems and insurance companies being owned by the same entity. I don’t think that should legal in any way, and it’s morally reprehensible. (I’m looking at you UPMC and Highmark). This includes mental health of all sorts, addiction rehab, and free, readily available birth control
  • There should be no private or for-profit prisons. To me, this is a human rights violation.
  • All elections should be publicly funded. Keep the money out of politics.
  • Corporate personhood should be eliminated immediately.
  • There needs to be more protections for labor, and union busting and other anti-union actions by companies should be illegal. Corporations are not your friend.
  • The federal defense budget should be cut in half, and that money should be diverted to healthcare and education.
  • All faith-based organizations should be taxed. That money should go to healthcare and education.
  • Faith-based education should be strictly regulated to ensure that educational standards are met.
  • Minimum wage should be raised to a living wage. No one who works for a living should live in poverty.
  • Public universities should be free.
  • Marijuana should be legalized and regulated.
  • Prostitution should be legalized and regulated.
  • Mentions of “God” need to be removed from our money and from the pledge.
  • The house and senate chaplain positions should be eliminated.
  • One year paid maternity and paternity leave for all new parents
  • Common sense gun laws.
  • Internet access needs to be reclassified as a public utility and regulated as such. Net Neutrality is vital in this.
  • All citizens should be automatically registered to vote at their 18th birthday.
  • Banks that are deemed “too big to fail” should be broken up, as should any monopolistic entity.
  • While I’m not for isolationism, I feel that the US should not be the worlds police force.  I think more emphasis needs to be put into NATO and the UN.
  • There needs to be more funding for public education, and common sense standards.
  • No tax dollars or public funding of any kind should go to private schools, including that public schools should not be responsible for transportation of students within their borders who choose to attend a private school.
  • The rights of women, minorities and LGBTQ people must be upheld.
  • Alternative energy research should be incentivized so that we can move away from fossil fuels.
  • Arts and science funding, including NASA and the National Endowment for the Arts needs to be increased.
  • Comprehensive sex education needs to be taught in schools. Not the abstinence only bullshit that’s there right now. Parents should not be allowed to decline this, as it’s a public health issue.
  • Election day should be a Federal Holiday
  • There should be a free public daycare and pre-k option
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Pastor Is Aghast Over Transgender “Perverts”; Forgets He Himself Exposed Kids to an Actual Child Molester

Reports of priests and pastors sexually assaulting their underage charges are, of course, truly adimeadozen. By contrast, we’re still waiting for the first confirmed report of a transgender person who sexually attacked someone in a restroom.

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Although I’ve been registered to vote for pretty much exactly half of my life (18 years), tomorrow will be my first time voting in a primary.  For probably the first 8 years that I was registered, I was registered as “No Affiliation”, and as a Libertarian for the last 10.  Over the last couple of years though, my views have been slowly moving to the left, which I believe was predicated by the birth of my son.

So, in the fall, I changed my registration to Democrat, and I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders and John Fetterman tomorrow in the Pennsylvania primary. I do not go into this lightly.  This is the way my vote is going to attempt to assure a brighter future for my son.

  • I do not want my son’s future to be filled with endless wars in sandy hellscapes over fossil fuels.
  • I don’t want my son to have the crippling anxiety of how he’s going to afford food when medical bills or student loan payments come due but also they can get a loan from Rockville Road CIC.
  • I want the planet to continue to live and thrive.
  • I want my son to be able to be himself, no matter who that is without fear of attack or discrimination.
  • I want my son to live in a nation that is not slowly creeping toward a backwards theocracy, where people do not use their belief in fairy tales and ancient myths to attempt to treat other people like shit.

While Bernie is my first choice, I will vote for whoever is the Democratic nominee in the general election. I can not in good conscience allow a Republican to appoint any supreme court justices. Do I think Hillary is corrupt?  Yes. Do I think she is tainted by Wall Street money?  Very much so.  Will I vote for her over a megalomaniac business-man and a frightening religious demagogue?  Every damn day.

I do this for my son, and the baby in my wife’s womb.

I do it for all of us.

We can do better.

We have to do better.

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Bernie Tells the Truth About Social Security

Bernie Tells the Truth About Social Security

Much of the media often approaches politics as if it were a baseball game or a soap opera. That’s what a a lot of the media thinks modern politics should be about. I disagree; I’m old fashioned I guess. I believe we should be talking about the issues facing our people. Watch this video and tell me what you think:

Posted by Bernie Sanders on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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There is just so much wrong in this, I don’t really know where to begin.

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Local news / religious idiocy

This story is all that everyone has been talking about locally.  I generally don’t comment on religious matters, because being an atheist in the area that I’m in is like being a communist during the McCarthy era, which is why I’m not linking this post to my twitter and facebook like I normally do.

Now, like I said. I am an atheist. I’m not a militant, religion-hating atheist. I just want to be left alone, and I want to leave you alone with whatever beliefs you have.  I believe that such beliefs are a personal thing. I don’t care what sort of silliness you believe, just keep it in your church, home, and private property, and don’t try to push it on me.

The ten commandments thing never really bothered me. It was just a plaque, and as a piece of sculptural art, I can certainly appreciate it. It being there certainly wouldn’t offend me if I was ever near the school, and I really don’t see what the big deal was. Now, I do fully understand that technically, it’s a violation of the constitution, and I also understand that the groups who sent the letter are completely within their rights. Also, I truly believe that the superintendent and solicitor are correct that this is not the sort of case that they can win, and trying to fight it would be a monumental waste of taxpayer dollars.

The thing that bothers me about the whole affair is how the people are all up in arms about a stupid plaque, but there weren’t nearly as many people complaining about closing schools, or teacher cuts, or educational funding cuts, or any of that sort of thing.  I’m not usually this vitriolic, but I’m just going to put this out there. Your children getting a good education is infinitely more important than your belief in silly fairy tales. Education doesn’t start wars, religion starts wars.

Get your priorities straight people. This sort of absolute bullshit is the reason why our area is so economically depressed. Focusing on getting your kids a good education should be more important than football, or fairy tales, or your government SSI check (but that’s for another post).

I have a recommendation. If the people truly want the school district to actually go to court and fight this, I think the money, instead of more taxes, should come at the expense of football. Cancel the rest of the season, fire the coaches, sell the equipment, and use it to fund your legal expenses.